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Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Summer Vacation 2012 at Myrtle Beach.

This is my second child she really has a great time playing on the water.
It’s now 8:13 in the morning my kids are still in their bed. I guess they were so tired from our trip yesterday. We have so much fun at Myrtle Beach and I love to go back there. The water is warm just like in the in Indonesia or Philippines. Myrtle Beach is the third beaches that I visit here in the United State. In Ocean City the water is very could I could not even stay in the water for maybe 4minutes same in Virginia Beach. Perhaps Virginia Beach is warmer than Ocean city. I can probably stay in the water for 10 minutes in Virginia Beach. But in Myrtle Beach I really swim there and stay in the water for most of the time while we are there oh! I love it feel like I am in the Philippines.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

National Zoo in Washington, DC

About one week ago, on Sunday morning, we all made a visit to the . We had not visited in a while. And I believe this was our first visit this season. In previous years, most of our zoo visits were to a private zoo in northern Virginia called Reston Zoo. Although it is further from our home, we like to go there because it is basically a large petting zoo where kids can see most of the animals up close. We still like to visit the National Zoo from time to time because it has a wider selection of animals. One thing that was different about our visit was that we didn’t arrive at the zoo until nearly 10:00am. This was very out of the ordinary for us as we would typically arrive a little after 6:00am during the summer months not long after the park opens. That way, we have usually been able to avoid the crowds. This time, however, the zoo appeared to quickly fill up. To be honest, neither I nor my husband cared for the crowds. Although the kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy their visit, dealing with all the people and keeping track of our kids in the midst of the crowds was a challenge. When all was said and done, however, the kids enjoyed themselves. We all had a good bit of exercise walking around the zoo. And both my husband and I managed to capture some pretty nice photos of our daughters. Thus, overall, I would rate the day as a resounding success.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Trip in Bali Indonesia 2010

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Picture Of The Day.I

For the first time here in the United States, I made Filipino bread today.  In Tagalog, we call it “pandesal.”  I guess that it came out okay given that I was preparing it from memory without a recipe.  My kids loved it, but my husband thought it was a bit bland and a little hard.   To accompany the pandesal, I cut some mango to make mango smoothies.  At that point, my kids were in heaven.   
After preparing this special treat for my kids, I tuned my attention to my husband’s dinner.  My husband loves to eat Thai food.  I think it has been his favorite food since he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Thailand several years ago.   As you may know, Thai food is often spicy and that is one aspect of the cuisine so that is he really loves.  Thus, before serving dinner, I had to cut chillies for my husband’s meal.

Pandesal or bread  Mango and chillies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am having problem on my computer.

After nearly two years of trouble free use, we began to have significant problems with my computer last week.Since that time, my husband has spent several hours troubleshooting in an effort to discover the cause of the problem. At one point, in exasperation he actually reformatted the primary hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. However, ultimately, nothing seemed to work. A couple of days ago, we basically gave up trying to repair the problem and simply attached my husband’s laptop to the dead computer’s monitor, mouse and keyboard. This setup generally worked fine except for some spotty response from the mouse. Then, this morning, my husband tried to get the main computer working again. He removed a stick of the memory, and the computer started with no problem. He just reinstalled Microsoft office, so I hope that our computer troubles are now over. Anyhow if you guys have an idea about how to fix my computer please please leave comment. Thanks in advance. Janet

Friday, June 1, 2012

LG washing machine.

My husband could not fix our washing machine. So hi decide to buy a new one instead of hiring somebody to fix our old washing machine. Now I am so excited to use this new LG washing machine that my husband bought yesterday in sears. Since there are some missing tools my husband went back to sears this morning to get the other part. So hopefully he got everything he needs in order to install this new washing machine.