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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am having problem on my computer.

After nearly two years of trouble free use, we began to have significant problems with my computer last week.Since that time, my husband has spent several hours troubleshooting in an effort to discover the cause of the problem. At one point, in exasperation he actually reformatted the primary hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. However, ultimately, nothing seemed to work. A couple of days ago, we basically gave up trying to repair the problem and simply attached my husband’s laptop to the dead computer’s monitor, mouse and keyboard. This setup generally worked fine except for some spotty response from the mouse. Then, this morning, my husband tried to get the main computer working again. He removed a stick of the memory, and the computer started with no problem. He just reinstalled Microsoft office, so I hope that our computer troubles are now over. Anyhow if you guys have an idea about how to fix my computer please please leave comment. Thanks in advance. Janet

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