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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Picture Of The Day.I

For the first time here in the United States, I made Filipino bread today.  In Tagalog, we call it “pandesal.”  I guess that it came out okay given that I was preparing it from memory without a recipe.  My kids loved it, but my husband thought it was a bit bland and a little hard.   To accompany the pandesal, I cut some mango to make mango smoothies.  At that point, my kids were in heaven.   
After preparing this special treat for my kids, I tuned my attention to my husband’s dinner.  My husband loves to eat Thai food.  I think it has been his favorite food since he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Thailand several years ago.   As you may know, Thai food is often spicy and that is one aspect of the cuisine so that is he really loves.  Thus, before serving dinner, I had to cut chillies for my husband’s meal.

Pandesal or bread  Mango and chillies

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