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Saturday, July 28, 2012

compact disc collection

Our family is filled with music lovers. We listen to music daily and have amassed a substantial music collection over the years. I can still remember when I was first married and I saw my husband’s compact disc collection for the first time. He had nearly 1,300 CDs. He sometimes complained that it had grown to a level that made it hard to manage and eventually decided to listen to each CD and rip all of the best songs to our computer. That process took months to complete. And not too long thereafter, we basically stopped buying so many CDs and instead began to purchase mp3s instead. Through that process our collection continued to grow over the years. Our music collection is very wide ranging with respect to genre and age. Although most of the collection probably consists of Oldies , we still manage to collect some of the better contemporary songs. Currently, there is music that is nearly 80 years old as well as music that was released this year. As the collection of “good” songs from our Cds now exceeds 11,000 individual songs, it is important to keep the music organized and perhaps to rate each song so that you can more easily develop good playlists.

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