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Thursday, August 30, 2012

stops smoking

When I was 10 years old, there were several occasion that I saw my father coughing while he has smoking. By then my mother, keep saying to my father to stops smoking. However, my father never really listens to my mother. Since my father never really stops smoking, I try to find a solution on how I can help my father stop smoking. Because I do not want my father to be an influence to my younger brother, you know. Right now my young brother is 16 years old now. In addition, I got a text message from my older sister saying that it seems like my young brother is starting to smoke now. While my brother is young, I really want to prevent my brother being a smoker. So that he don’t flow our father hobbit. Moreover, smoking is not a cheap hobbit. My brother has no job so is clear for him that he has no business to smoke you know what I mean. Young people nowadays think that smoking is to relief their depression. However, they are wrong. That is way I really want to stop my father and my young brother being a smoker person. Because you know cigarette can never give you good value. But to give you deadly disease.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting ready for the Beach tomorrow.

Finally, my little is taking a nap. She usually takes a nap in the morning and in the afternoon but now that she is 9months old. She don’t take a nap in the morning anymore. If I give her bottle so that she can go to sleep, however all she has to do is take the milk and be silent for a couple of minutes and when she finish drinking her milk she will start shouting. It means take her out from her bed. Since I don’t want to listen of her shout I took her out from her room and take it with me. Therefore, it means all the thing that I need to finish well wait until someday will watch or play with my little one.
Anyhow, husband book a two-night room in Virginia Beach started tomorrow. So it means the is the perfect time for me to pack our things. Hopefully I can finish packing before she woke up. Therefore, I need to stop here now so that I can start what I need to finish.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Durisol Build

One of the features of our home that we always liked related to the way it was originally constructed. Unlike many modern brick homes, which are often wood frame with an outer brick veneer, our home is framed with cinder block and steel. Although when our home was constructed over 40 years ago, there were no readily available insulating concrete , the mere combination of cinderblock and brick helped to make our home relatively efficient. We are now considering a major addition to our home. If we ultimately decide to proceed, I expect that we will look to a company like Durisol Build to provide insulating concrete products to ensure that any new addition provides even better strength and insulation as the original structure. As we are nearing the completion of the second phase of our home renovation in our basement area, I expect that we will turn our focus to a major additio0n sometime after the holiday season.

The city of Dumaguete philippines.

This is me back in 2005. This picture was taking in Dumaguete city Philippines, province of Negros Oriental. I have live in Dumaguete city for more than one year and half and I really like my stayed there. If my husband likes to live in the Philippines, I would choose to stay in Dumaguete city. Because it has very nice Beach resorts and it very easy to access ferry if I want to go to Cebu City. From Cebu city, I can take another ferry to Ormoc city and from Ormoc city; I can take a bus or jeep going to my hometown.
Its  me
I can also take a short flight from Dumaguete to Cebu City, if I want too. The city of Dumaguete has a domestic airport, which provides three daily flights to and from Manila through Cebu Pacific and two daily flights through Philippine Airlines and daily flights to Cebu City through Cebu Pacific Airlines. I know it was a long time that I been there and maybe everything change. But I am sure they change it maybe better compare when I was there.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

golf clubs

Are you a golfer? I have played before, but my husband is really hooked. Until earlier this summer, he actually had two sets of golf clubs ! He had an assortment of clubs, which included a Cleveland sand wedge and driver. He swears that his clubs as the best that money can buy, and they all certainly look like very impressive pieces f equipment. I always took his comments with a grain of salt because I could scarcely tell whether his golf game improved substantially with all of the more impressive equipment. Although I know that technology matters and that having one of the best golf wedges in the world can significantly improve your game. According to my husband, the increased accuracy of known clubs falls squarely in the hands of the abilities of the user. That is to say that, if the user has some basic skills, such skills will be amplified by the equipment. Similarly, if there are limited skills, that will also amplified.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American eagle gold coin

The past several years have wreaked havoc on our family’s investment portfolio. Historically, we had been rather aggressive in our approach. Our holdings consisted mainly of stocks and mutual funds. We figured we had plenty of time to weather the ups and downs of the market because it will be several years until we are ready to retire. For the most part, I think our long term and forward-looking strategy has been a good one. However, recently, there was substantial turmoil the severe market depression resulted from war and at least 8 years of some poor diplomatic and political decisions. As a result, there has been significant market turmoil. This market uncertainty has been marked by what has sometimes included fantastic swings of market prices of the products in our portfolio. Well speaking of investment, I have several friends in my facebook account keep convincing me that I should invest while the market still down. However, I keep turn it down their proposal to me since I have no budget for any kind of investment right now. I know their approach is good and it can be good for my family someday if I try their proposal. Perhaps where I can get money to invest, I wish I know these people before when I have money back in 2005 or 2006. Because then I have money and never worried about losing money for an investment. This time a year I need to be careful for what kind of invest I need to join or to buy. Because you know our economy is just like a wave in the ocean sometimes up sometimes down is not steady. If I ever have to invest something nowadays I probably invest American eagle gold coin. Because the market value of gold coins is generally good. I obverse this couples years ago. It is true that every gold has an actual prices based on gold weight. And I believe that American eagle gold coin has good features.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New make up.

This me I was a bit bored so I decide to put make-up on my eyes. I don't know if I did it right.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miami Beach Studio Rentals

Both my husband and one of his close friends are photographers. My husband is a very advanced amateur who does it only part time while his friend is a full time professional photographer. Both of them regularly produce amazing photos, but it often seems like the environment in which they work limits them. For my husband’s friend, this is not really much of an issue. He relocated his business to New Mexico a few years ago. Thus, it seems that he always had interesting backgrounds and vistas to capture. However, when he last visited they talked about portrait lenses and utilizing a studio environment. I wondered what they were talking about and did a little internet research. What I found was a place called Miami Beach Studio Rentals . It is a combination studio and equipment rental center. I was surprised to learn that in addition to photography and video studio rentals, they even rent high-end cameras. I can just imagine but my husband and his friend drooling over the opportunity to use the latest and greatest camera equipment.


When you are in hurry in the morning cereals is the best breakfast to serve.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Personalised Gift

A Personalised Gift is the most thoughtful gift that you can give to your love ones. My husband gives me a beautiful necklace that has very nice heart pendant on our first wedding anniversary. One thing good about this precious gift that I got from my husband I can wear it, for any occasion. Now if you are looking for the best perfect anniversary gift that you can give to your girl friend or wife. I suggest you to brows at Personalised Gift.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toronto embroidery

Our family loves to travel. Whenever we visit a new city, or beach or country, one of the most common souvenirs that we get is a t-shirt or some other form of clothing. My husband is consistent in what he is looking for with respect to the quality of garments that we purchase as souvenirs. He always insists that any clothing that we get that displays the name of place must be embroidered. He generally prefers to stay away from iron-on images. We have heard that Toronto embroidery can produce some wonderfully high quality stitching that will last for years. This is exactly why we always look for embroidery. We want to have comfort that the image or name which shows where we have been will last as long as the garment. I think it might be nice to get some personalized logo embroidery to recognize birthdays or our anniversary. In the same way that we have souvenirs that will last for decades, I think it would be nice to have anniversary presents that can be expected to last decades.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good morning

When I jog this morning, I saw our neighbor putting a sign on their sofa that they put the side of the road. The sign that they put on the sofa is free so anybody can pick up the sofa if they want it you know. As you know while running, I was thinking about the sofa and wishing that Philippines, is close here. So that I can pick up that sofa from our neighbor that they put the side of the road and give to my sister. Because my older sister was wishing that kind of sofa when I was there in their house back in 2010. In addition, until now she does not have that sofa yet.That is why I am thinking to get that sofa and give to my older sister. Perhaps Philippines is so far away. So It means there is no way for me to get that sofa. Anyhow, hope somebody will pick up that sofa before the raindrop come.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

I have been watching the Olympic all the today and since my oldest daughter was taking pictures of her sisters. Using my canon powerShot G10. I decide to get my Samsung Galaxy cell phone and start taking pictures of the Olympic show. In addition, I am very impressed because all the pictures that I took are mostly clear without flash. Therefore, here are some pictures that I took on NBC channel. Hope you like it. I was having fun watching the Olympic show and one of my favorite Olympic shows is the Volleyball.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

sam edelman shoes

Like most of my friends, I really love shoes. I think shoes and other accessories are among the most important aspects of any outfit. For example, just imagine what you would think if you say a woman in a wedding dress or ball gown who was wearing sneakers. So, I was especially excited when I learned about sam edelman shoes. The company website is very good. It includes shoes of various styles and colors, and seemingly everything from boots to sandals. When I looked the other day, I saw some short boots that I think are among the nicest, and most comfortable looking boots that I have ever seen. Although it is still summer, and notably far too hot for boots, I am thinking about giving myself an Outlook reminder to look into picking up a pair later this year and possibly setting aside some cash to pick them up whenever I am ready. I can only hope that the current designs survive well into the winter holiday season.

Cane Toad Frog

Have  mercy on me.

My sister told me that cane toad is the biggest frog that she ever seen since she have been in Australia. She also said that the cane toad frog is also known as a poisonous frog. So, since she know that this frog is dangerous. My sister to get something to kick off this cane toad out on her way. And look what he did on his hands, he look like he is saying that please don't kick me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Diamond Watch

How often you buy diamond watches to your love one? Well I just asked this question because this afternoon while my kids are taking their nap. I was browsing online for the best gift that I can give to my daughter birthday. And it happened that I came across to a website where all kinds of diamond watches, earrings and rings. And it was really good site if you want to buy jewelry for your love ones.