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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American eagle gold coin

The past several years have wreaked havoc on our family’s investment portfolio. Historically, we had been rather aggressive in our approach. Our holdings consisted mainly of stocks and mutual funds. We figured we had plenty of time to weather the ups and downs of the market because it will be several years until we are ready to retire. For the most part, I think our long term and forward-looking strategy has been a good one. However, recently, there was substantial turmoil the severe market depression resulted from war and at least 8 years of some poor diplomatic and political decisions. As a result, there has been significant market turmoil. This market uncertainty has been marked by what has sometimes included fantastic swings of market prices of the products in our portfolio. Well speaking of investment, I have several friends in my facebook account keep convincing me that I should invest while the market still down. However, I keep turn it down their proposal to me since I have no budget for any kind of investment right now. I know their approach is good and it can be good for my family someday if I try their proposal. Perhaps where I can get money to invest, I wish I know these people before when I have money back in 2005 or 2006. Because then I have money and never worried about losing money for an investment. This time a year I need to be careful for what kind of invest I need to join or to buy. Because you know our economy is just like a wave in the ocean sometimes up sometimes down is not steady. If I ever have to invest something nowadays I probably invest American eagle gold coin. Because the market value of gold coins is generally good. I obverse this couples years ago. It is true that every gold has an actual prices based on gold weight. And I believe that American eagle gold coin has good features.

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