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Saturday, August 18, 2012

golf clubs

Are you a golfer? I have played before, but my husband is really hooked. Until earlier this summer, he actually had two sets of golf clubs ! He had an assortment of clubs, which included a Cleveland sand wedge and driver. He swears that his clubs as the best that money can buy, and they all certainly look like very impressive pieces f equipment. I always took his comments with a grain of salt because I could scarcely tell whether his golf game improved substantially with all of the more impressive equipment. Although I know that technology matters and that having one of the best golf wedges in the world can significantly improve your game. According to my husband, the increased accuracy of known clubs falls squarely in the hands of the abilities of the user. That is to say that, if the user has some basic skills, such skills will be amplified by the equipment. Similarly, if there are limited skills, that will also amplified.

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