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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good morning

When I jog this morning, I saw our neighbor putting a sign on their sofa that they put the side of the road. The sign that they put on the sofa is free so anybody can pick up the sofa if they want it you know. As you know while running, I was thinking about the sofa and wishing that Philippines, is close here. So that I can pick up that sofa from our neighbor that they put the side of the road and give to my sister. Because my older sister was wishing that kind of sofa when I was there in their house back in 2010. In addition, until now she does not have that sofa yet.That is why I am thinking to get that sofa and give to my older sister. Perhaps Philippines is so far away. So It means there is no way for me to get that sofa. Anyhow, hope somebody will pick up that sofa before the raindrop come.

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