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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miami Beach Studio Rentals

Both my husband and one of his close friends are photographers. My husband is a very advanced amateur who does it only part time while his friend is a full time professional photographer. Both of them regularly produce amazing photos, but it often seems like the environment in which they work limits them. For my husband’s friend, this is not really much of an issue. He relocated his business to New Mexico a few years ago. Thus, it seems that he always had interesting backgrounds and vistas to capture. However, when he last visited they talked about portrait lenses and utilizing a studio environment. I wondered what they were talking about and did a little internet research. What I found was a place called Miami Beach Studio Rentals . It is a combination studio and equipment rental center. I was surprised to learn that in addition to photography and video studio rentals, they even rent high-end cameras. I can just imagine but my husband and his friend drooling over the opportunity to use the latest and greatest camera equipment.

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