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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toronto embroidery

Our family loves to travel. Whenever we visit a new city, or beach or country, one of the most common souvenirs that we get is a t-shirt or some other form of clothing. My husband is consistent in what he is looking for with respect to the quality of garments that we purchase as souvenirs. He always insists that any clothing that we get that displays the name of place must be embroidered. He generally prefers to stay away from iron-on images. We have heard that Toronto embroidery can produce some wonderfully high quality stitching that will last for years. This is exactly why we always look for embroidery. We want to have comfort that the image or name which shows where we have been will last as long as the garment. I think it might be nice to get some personalized logo embroidery to recognize birthdays or our anniversary. In the same way that we have souvenirs that will last for decades, I think it would be nice to have anniversary presents that can be expected to last decades.

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