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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teacher education

Now that our oldest daughter is in grade school, I am very concerned as a parent to ensure that she receives the best instruction available and that she develops excellent study skills. One way that I try to help is to give her homework and assign study projects that will result in a good skill set and otherwise expand her knowledge. I worry that I am not versed in the latest teaching strategies and that therefore my homework assignments may not be the best way to help educate my daughter. Fortunately, I have access to the same teacher education resources that are available to professional teachers. Other than helping our daughter with basic reading, writing and math skills, I am especially interested in helping her to develop critical thinking skills. An ideal product for achieving that goal would draw upon Bloom’s classification of levels of intellectual behavior in learning, which is commonly referred to as Bloom’s taxonomy. The Mentoring Minds critical thinking products are based on certain levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. In addition, it is my hope that by using such products, we can help our daughter to achieve a higher level of critical thinking.

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