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Monday, November 26, 2012

How do you avoid your diet this big holiday season?

As you know diet words, where I grow up (doesn't) really exist? Now most of my friends who are originally from the Philippines and now residence in Canada, Netherlands and here in the United States, are very conservative about what they are going to cook for big holiday seasons. Because they don't want to spoil their diet, you know. Perhaps I believe what my husband said to me that you could cook and eat whatever as long as you are active. As a mother of four, I totally believe that you can get your shape back you have no babies yet, if you work hard. I don't use any kind of diet pills and never try to reduce my eating hobbit. I am just active like when I was in the Philippines. I walked back and forth to my daughter school every morning and afternoon every day. In addition, raking falling leaves this time a year is good exercise and saves as money for not hiring somebody to clean up our yard. However, most of our neighbors does, since they are so busy working at their office. Which is I understand. Anyhow that is all for now. Sorry for not adding new post so often, I am a bit busy for my little one. She is now walking around so you know what is that mean. I need to pay attention with her.

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