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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nylon processor

I have been experiencing a very hectic schedule over the past week or so. My husband has been working long hours. Thus, the responsibility for looking after our four young daughters has fallen squarely on my shoulders. Fortunately, after some very challenging days, I am finally free today. A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a visitor from New Mexico. When he finally left, his absence generally permitted me too return to my normal, everyday routine. Now that I am free, I figure that I can finish repairing my dinner table mats. Recently, each of our daughters has decided that they would enjoy slowly picking apart the table mats. Fortunately, the damage is not so extensive that I need to purchase new mats. Instead, at this stage, a simple needle and thread would be more than sufficient to accomplish my personal repairs. I am trying to make tablemats since we have different types of fabrics that we never really use. We got those fabrics as souvenir when my husband was in the United States Peace Corps in Thailand, back in 2004. Some of the fabric is nylon, which is very strong, and it has good texture. I just run a quick search for nylon and I learned that the nylon company was involved in the initial development of every major filament synthetic fiber: rayon, fiberglass, polyester, and other more. Now the manufactures company sells worldwide woven industrial fabrics primarily composed of nylon.

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