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Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting the best health insurance online

We have to make some important insurance decisions this month. You see, we are required to make health insurance elections for 2013 before the deadline of December 16th. Sometime last week, we received materials from a company that my husband recently began working with through his law practice. The company was essentially offering us an opportunity to join their corporate health insurance program. This choice posed some important issues for our family.

 Our current insurance is rather expensive, but mainly offers only catastrophic coverage. Most routine doctor's visits, tests and procedures would fall under our very high deductible threshold. Thus, we had already been thinking about whether we should change our insurance provider. Before we make a change, we believe it will be prudent to perform some research into the various family insurance products that are available. I suspect that other than relying on recommendations from family and friends, the best form of research would be with online sources. I figure that Getting the best health insurance online would be relatively painless so long as we can determine the best places to look. I know that there are a lot of websites and online tools that provide information about single providers, but the ideal source would be one that compares multiple plans and includes details regarding the relative costs, including premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket amounts across competing providers. With that level of information, you could certainly make an informed choice as to the best coverage for your family.

 For us, I think we are simply looking for a plan that is affordable, but also provides flexibility as to providers. We also will be looking solely at family coverage that does not reflect a substantial increase in cost for a family of six like our own. Ideally, we would like to continue to utilize the same physicians that we have used historically. Also, we would like to keep our co-pays and out of pocket expenses to a minimum. I understand that the lower your deductible, the higher your premium, but it would be worth it to us to have a higher fixed cost so long as our annual medical expense remains predictable. It is amazing how important our health insurance has become over the latter half of this year. When my husband practiced law with a large private law firm, we scarcely ever thought about health insurance matters. Now that he is a small business owner and has to cover the entire cost of our family coverage, health concerns are a central family issue.

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