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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Pinecone Christmas decor

Having fun raking. So here it is I made an art heart with all of the leaves that I rake.
I finally finish raking the rest of the falling leaves in our front yard this afternoon. Now I can focus decorating my Christmas tree. My husband said that my Christmas tree is looks done decorating he did not know that I did not put anything in the back yet. If you go around in the Christmas tree, you will see that I am not finish yet. I am just excited about what the look like, since this is my first time that I put pinecone decoration in our Christmas tree. I took some pictures and it looks very nice. However, next time I will paint on the pinecone into deferent color, right now is just regular pinecone from the pinecone tree with no color. It is looks good combination with my other Christmas decor as you can see right.
Our Christmas tree at home.
Anyhow, happy Sunday to you all. Peace!

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