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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Samsung galaxy mobile.

This is me at home with our Christmas tree.
Instead, I exercise this morning after I drop my older daughter at her school I end up of taking pictures of myself. Because when I came home this morning after I drop Jasmine at her school.  I sit down directly in front of my desk to check my email. After checking my email, I log- in to my facebook  account and after that, I decide to take new pictures of myself. Perhaps, my camera has no battery so I try to find the other batter and I could not find it. Therefore, since I was already dress I told my daughter to take pictures of me using my Samsung galaxy mobile. My daughter I was moving while she is taking picture of me so the picture is not good.
I will probably try another when I find the battery or charge the batter that is on the camera right now.

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