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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to all of us!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!
Enjoy everybody cheers!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

This what I got from Santa yesterday! Thank you very much.

Santa said that I'm getting big so he decide to give me this exercise bike. Which I am very thankful with this stuff.
I will start using this thing after New year. Hope to lose weight before summer.
I guess I'm good this year! because I did not expect this device.
How lucky I am to have this stuff.
This is what on my list for Santa. A food processor. So good bye slicing and looking forward to use my new balack & decker food processor. Thank you very much Santa.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas and happy New Year Everybody.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year Everybody.
For the first time in a while, we sent out holiday cards this year. We had considered it last year, but never got around to it. However, shortly after Christmas, my husband bought about 50 cards at a clearance sale. We then held on to the cards all year until this holiday season. We put together a mail merge for our list of recipients and sent off the last of this year's cards earlier today. It is amazing how long it can take to sign and write personal notes in about 50 cards. In any event, it is good that we are finally done with sending Christmas cards. Hopefully, the recipients will appreciate the gesture.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking snapshot of my self while waiting my husband.

Timer snapshot.
It was snowing day my husband and I went to giant store and while driving home my husband said that he did not buy any snack to eat at home. Therefore, I told him to stop by at Safeway to buy snack food and he said I might do that so we stop by at Safeway. I told my husband that I will just stayed inside the car since you will only pick up some snack and he said okay. While waiting inside the car I saw the small camera sitting beside so I took picture of myself using the timer of the camera and it seems like it came out very good so here it is.


Recently I noticed that many children at my daughters' elementary school carry instruments. I understand that the school offers good music instruction and we are anxious to take advantage of the offerings son. This morning, I spoke to a child who was carrying both a violin case and a separate item that she said was a shoulder rest. I was curious to see what it was so I did some quick research. I found a zaret violin shoulder rest which can also be used for a viola. After seeing a picture, I can appreciate how a shoulder rest could be useful during long performances.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone

When planning a holiday get-together, its best to keep in mind that, it’s better to plan in advance. Because the ability of having planned in advance is to make it sure that you got everything, you need. You know when I traveled to Thailand to visit my friend Tim. I was confuse because I could not the exit signs. In addition, when I ask somebody they just point me in some doors. I said to myself I will never ever travel by myself.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My little one miss me

My sweet little one
I was at my friend house this afternoon and I left my little one with her father and of course grandma at home. I supposed to stay at my friend house until 5 p.m this evening. However, since the weather is raining and chance of snow. I left early as we talked about on the phone. When I came home, my mother in-law was preparing our food for dinner and as soon as my little one sees me, she starting to cry my mother in law was saying that my little one was so quite until she saw me. My little one was holding me so tight and I could not help grandma in the kitchen. I guess one miss me so much while I was not at home.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

5th anniversary

This year, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the date that we found and purchased our home. It has been a very interesting time thus far. Just as we begin to complete some of the remodeling of our home, I have been reminiscing about the day we bought our house. I imagine that a real estate closing checklist 23 would be very different today from what it was when we first entered the housing market. Although there have been a lot of changes, I am happy overall about how far our house has come.

Care bear love it.

This is my third oldest daughter she really likes to carry Uncle Jason gift. As you can see the picture, even I told her to put, her care bear down so that she can hold the sweet potato pie better. Perhaps, she did not let go the care bear so I just take a snapshot of my sweet potato pie. That is also Uncle Jason recipe thank you so much Uncle Jason. We really like the sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving everybody love it. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Organic Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea its ready to have a cup of tea.
Dried tea
Good evening everyone, how's your day today mine was okay. I went to my friend house after I drop my daughter at school this morning.  I stayed there for five hours and when I was about to go home, she gives me bag of Jasmine tea. Now, I have plenty of Jasmine tea. Because few weeks ago when I drop by at her house she gives me this type of tea now I have plenty enough. Hope this tea will last long since I really like Jasmine tea. I am having Jasmine tea in the morning and in the afternoon and before I go to bed, I am not sure if this is healthy to drink tea, three times a day. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My father house is tearing apart after the typhoon Yolanda

I really need to re-build my father home.

Happy birthday Too my youngest

Wonderful time 
Happy birthday too my youngest daughter she is now two years old her older sisters are making something for her. I hope she will like it. I said to my husband this morning that I will make cake for my youngest daughter. Perhaps he told me that he would buy one. Therefore, I am trying to clean up the house a little bit while my kids are busy making something for Kiana. Anyhow looks like my husband is home now from the store so let me stop here now so that I can get ready for the party.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Christmas shopping

After spending time with my mother in-law and cousin by marriage, here I am trying to clean up the house and at the same time checking my email. I can say that having family over is really enjoyment with my little one and of course for us. I hope they can visit us more often so that my kids will know their aunties and cousins enough. Because I think if my children can only see them once a year they cannot really know them really well. As if I know my uncle and unties when I was a kid, I know my unties and uncle very well and I never forgot how good persons they are until the rest of my life.Anyhow, be safe if you traveling going home and if you are in shopping hope you find great deal and enjoy your Christmas shopping.

outstanding renovations

Recently we have been working hard to complete the renovations of our home in anticipation of the arrival of family members who will be with us for Thanksgiving this year. Just in the last few weeks, we have painted the bedroom of our youngest daughter, my husband's office, and the upstairs hallway. My husband has also been replacing the cover-plates of electrical outlets and light switches. As we have one day before the rest of our family members arrive, today I expect that he will do some more touch-up painting and install some door insulation that he got last week. As I see all of the work that my husband does when company is coming, I think it might be good to have people over more often. That way we will be more motivated to complete some of the outstanding renovations of our home.

Friday, November 22, 2013

wonderful city

This weekend my husband is traveling to Memphis, Tennessee, while a family friend is traveling to Chicago. Although Memphis is a nice place to visit with family, I really think Chicago is a wonderful city. There are people in Chicago from all over the world. As a result, you can do things in Chicago and have experiences there that would be difficult to find in some of the smaller cities in the country. For example, I spent nearly half a year in Thailand while my husband served in the Peace Corps. While there, I knew that you could get really good massages all over the country. Here in the USA, you can get a deep tissue massage in chicago, but not in too many other places in the country.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Still watching news about the Typhoon Yolanda in the Phiplippines

I have been watching the news about the typhoon Yolanda. It has been a week now since it happened and people in my hometown are starving even many countries give donation and relief goods. Now, I am not the only one asking and wondering why it takes so long to distribute this relief to people who are victim of typhoon Yolanda. This evening I watched the news there were so many relief at the airport in Cebu and the newscaster is saying that people who are victim of the typhoon are patiently standing in line even the weather was hot. In addition, I haven't talked to my father and sisters, brother's yet I hope them doing okay.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homemade Christmas wreath


 I was kind of bored yesterday so I looked on Youtube about how to make Christmas wreath and since the instruction was so easy I decided to make it right away.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Supper typhoons in the Philippines.

Hope everybody is safe in my hometown.
Since I cannot contact my family in my hometown, I tried to watch the lattes news in the Philippines, about the typhoons. Tacloban city is already flooding I hope everybody is safe. I did not see any lattes update about my hometown. My hometown is three hours away from Tacloban city and it seems like no more telecom communication in my hometown. As I have reads on the web news the winds at 235 kilometers (147 miles) per hour, with gusts of 275 kph (170 mph). I am not sure how strong it is but as I've remember when I was 7 or 8 years old signal number 3 was very scary. Our house was mostly wet and ruined it was very difficult time as if I can recall. Hope it did not happen again to my father and sisters and of course to my niece nephew and relatives.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

particular friend

We all have friend’s in life but all of them has its own participation or a character that contributed in your life. But in hundreds of them one will shine, it may not be your best friend to be called but a buddy that always been there to talk with, on any kind of drama in life. So then I have this one particular friend that happen to talk all the time she is married with an ex-military guy she often telling me a story about her husband experiences during those time of being on a military and war. I will be honest I haven’t care or given any attention to those people who give their lives in our country as I am too much busy on earning money but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect or thanking them for what they have done for the sake of our motherland which why I have my freedom of speech because of all their sacrifices. My manners was change after hearing the story of my friends husband how they sacrifices their lives in exchanges of millions of people that unfortunately most of us is taking it for granted as if everything what they’ve done is just normal. Of course we heard a lot about those military guy’s through the news but mostly when they are already died on a battle. I just found one day myself surfing on internet about them and my heart milt and my tears started to drop for the families who lost their sister, brother and father and I saluted those who dedicated their lives and continue to serve their people. Please give your 1 minute to pray for their safety that they will come home back safety to their love one’s.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good weather for raking leaves.

My kids is getting ready to go outside to help their father rake the leaves.I should get ready too to go outside so that I can take pictures of my kids, and she it with you guys. Therefore let me stop here now so that I can get ready to go out side.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Since the start of the school year, I have been thinking about getting music lessons for our school-age daughters. They are both interested in music, but are not a particular instrument. I would generally propose the piano, violin or guitar for someone who cannot seem to choose an instrument. Although getting a piano can be expensive and requires significant space in your home, both a violin and a guitar can be much more affordable and easier to manage. Indeed, you can obtain new epiphone acoustic guitars for prices less than two hundred dollars. And a new guitar requires very little storage space.

From our trick or treating last night!

My kids will really enjoyed this file of candies.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Historical buildings in Bohol city in the Philippines is Gone.

Lately an awful tragedy hit on the Visayas part of my beloved country. A lot of people lost their homes and lives because of the human nature “ earthquake” of magnitude seven. Historical buildings included churches are now gone because of the calamity. It is sad to think that this all happened in my home country and no bodies is prepared and expect that this will happen to my own country. Indeed it is very hurtful but we cannot do nothing further just to face and accept the fact that this is one of GOD purposes. It may take a lot of time before my fellow citizen stand a new home and hope. But as long as they have this spirit to fight nothing would be impossible to do for them.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

advertising campaign

My husband's law firm is considering the production of commercials in connection with its advertising campaign. Historically, the firm has relied on word-of-mouth for its advertising, but with the continued effects of the slow recovery from the global recession, it has decided to be more aggressive. Although they initially considered producing some short videos themselves, ultimately they concluded that it would be in their best interests to pursue professional help. Fortunately, there are some excellent online video production companies out there. They bring experience with the production of both television and website video advertising. I am sure that this experience helps to ensure positive results. Earlier this week, I thought I identified a possible work environment for me. Finding a job has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a stay-at-home mother of four small children. In light of my limited work history, there are not many that I would qualify for. However, I am sure that there are entry-level jobs that I could perform. For example, I am sure that I could handle certain banking jobs, like teller or receptionist. This morning while searching jobs, I came across to a financial planning and business analysis. We have nearly completed all of the renovations to our basement. We also recently completed the tiling of our outdoor patio. I think the next job will involve re-surfacing our driveway. Once all of the projects are completed, it will be interesting to see how the valuation of our home changes. Thus far, we have been fortunate to watch our home's value steadily increase over the years, and I would like to see jot how far it can go. The cost of refinancing has been improving in recent years. There are some good companies like New Zealand Home Loans that can help you to navigate the process and secure a new, lower-cost mortgage. Therefore, if your are from New Zealand, and looking for great deal on mortgage you should take advantage of your state of the art mortgage software program that calculates the optimal setup and repayment plan for your mortgage.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The leaves is starting to fall.

While we were walking this afternoon going to my oldest daughter school, my third oldest daughter was having fun picking this colorful leaves from the maple tree. So when we came home since she give me all this beautiful leaves I decided to take pictures. I tested in different art style while I was taking pictures on this beautiful leaves in the floor and all of the sudden my youngest daughter was picking up all this leaves in the floor so this is all I got. Hope you like it.
This is my first design. I think is cool!
Just having fun with the colorful leaves from our neighbor maple tree.
Beautiful isn't it?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Good photographer

Nikon FE 35mm Film SLR Camera with Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 AI
My friend just bought this new  Nikon Camera. He really loved to take good pictures for his clients.

investment advisor

Since I am here in the United States, people in my hometown think that I have plenty of cash to loan them and guess what their pledge in order for you to loan them cash is their property. I know this is a good investment. But since I don't live there, what the purpose of having an investment in my hometown you know. Well, I guess if I am going to retire there in my hometown, I will definitely do that but for now, I am trying to save some cash for my children college plan. Saving money for my children college plan is my investment right now and that is my biggest concern. Because I have no idea wither, my kids will go to college or I can have enough investment cash for my children's, you know what I mean. Having business is sometimes penny in the ass. That is why big and small business owner hired or searching for professional investment consultant like Scott Gelbard and other consultant people in this world. I just mention Scott Gelbard because he is very good person, he works with a variety of high-level international clients to provide advice on optimizing wealth and enhancing country-to-country business exchanges and partnerships.

Friday, September 27, 2013

piggy bank

How often you buy silver coins or keep gold coins in your wallet? Well since my older daughter know now how to count money she will always get my change and put into her piggy bank. So now I cannot keep any gold silver coins in my wallet. And even I will buy more gold or silver coins she will take it from me. Because I told her all the coins that you see in this house is belong to your piggy bank.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Its about time to use heating system this time a year.

Hi everyone, how are you people doing? Hope your having a wonderful time. I know it has been a while now since the last time I wrote on this site, hope you still visiting my site. I try my best to visit your site as long as I can. I hope that next month I am able to update my site more often and of course visit your site back. Right now, I am so busy helping my husband remodeling our patio. We tried to finish it soon putting the tiles down before the weather getting colder. Yeah! The cold weather is here again it means its' time to switch the cooling system to heat. I am sure most folks here in the United States or Canada and other more country that has cold weather switch already their cooling system to heat. Moreover, to those people who are having problem with their heating system hope they can find a bitter deal for repairing or a replacement for their heating Service. Because I know, most people nowadays are trying to save money for their families.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This what happen if you plant some thing in the summer time.

Fresh vegetable from my garden yum. This is sweet potato leaves and as you can see green bell pepper and green tomato it came from my garden I really love this all green that I harvest this summer.
This really good I cook it with fish we called it (tinolang isda) in English fish soup its really delicious.

Thinking of making salad again since I have so many fresh green tomato in my small garden.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back at school! It means I can probably lose weight.

This picture was taking few months ago.
Since I am very busy in the past couples of week, I did not have time to exercise. I am nervous to step my scale weight.  Because I dont want to know how much I again the last time I weight myself, I was 116 pounds and now I have no idea. Perhaps, I know for sure that I gain more weight. I guess I need to get back soon as I can. I hope that next week I can get back to my dilly routine. Right now I am just so busy help my husband working on our patio we change the tiles floor. Since the water is flowing going to our garage. So we try to make it done so that it wont make any damage in our car under. But anyhow let me stop her now because  it seems like my little one is now awake. In addition hope I can work out even 15 minutes today.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hotel Supplies

My cousin just bought a beachfront property in our hometown and since the land is enough to build a resort she and her husband are now thinking whether they well build a resorts in the property. That can provide an extra income while her husband works in abroad. Building resorts in my hometown nowadays I think is a good idea. Since there are so many tourists, people visiting in my hometown. Plus there are, only two places that you can check -in that has nice rooms hot water and air conditioner, which is very important to a foreign people. There are no other computation resorts in my hometown right now, so the price is somewhat expensive for the local people. Now, if the plan of my cousin well succeeds she might contact me for some help about where she can purchase a Hotel Bar Suppliesyou know. Because she knew that I like to browse online and she know that I've been traveling in the past couples of years. In-fact she know that we went to Atlanta this summer. She might want to consider asking me about Atlanta Hotel Supply we never know. Therefore, I might consider looking for Hotel Supply Online ,so when my cousin ask me for this stuff I have some idea already to introduce you know. I don't need to look for this stuff.

I gain weight after eating cupcakes.

Its time to give more efforts on my daily exercise.
Since we celebrate Nadira birthday twice I gain 5 founds. Now I am trying to lose all those gain. I'd never get my goal weights now I gain more Oh! well.

Open house for Kindergarteners

What a busy day I have today. I got up around 6 o'clock this morning run for 15 minutes do some crunches and after that I shower as quickly as I can, then I feed my kids gives them a bath and change them. Then we go to the doctor office to drop off some forms for the school. This morning is an open house for Kindergarteners and of course the 1-6. Therefore, I take my two others children's with me to my daughters school since my husband is working. Jasmine was so happy because she and her best friends are still at the same class. They were so happy to see each other and of course as a mom, I am happy to see my daughter happy. Therefore, I talked to Jasmine best friend mom and we ex-change phone number so we can contact each other for play date. Yeah! Funny play date don't excess when I was a kid. If I want to play, I just go and play whenever I want now I need to contact who-ever the mother of my children friend so we can set up a play date.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

legal services

My husband is an attorney. He practices with one law partner in the Washington, DC area. He focuses on corporate and business law, while his partner focuses on real estate, bankruptcy and litigation. They often get requests for representation from potential clients. It astonishes me how many people expect lawyers to work for no upfront fee. In fact, some people seem to think that there are a lot of free bankruptcy lawyers. Although I understand that the court pays counsel out of bankruptcy judgments, I suspect that there are not many attorneys who are comfortable working for no guaranteed pay.

native citizen

Hope to see them again soon.
Love to attend the party especially if the host is my native citizen. You would not just enjoying the party it self but you actually filling those home sick side of yours by interacting peoples whom had the same situation. Life here wouldn’t be easy at all but if you learn to embrace the choices you have made you will begin to find the real happiness that you have never expected to get. Life is always a choice so just live and tries to enjoy every moment you have.

My batch mate

I was glad hearing the entire crazy story with my friends about meeting our batch mate. Actually he is not only my batch mate but also a first degree cousin of mine. He is working abroad as a seaman and after a long time since after we graduated elementary school they never had a chance to meet each other back home. Funny their road crosses again after my cousin assign on the same country where my friend is currently living. After all the exchange greetings they have decided to schedule their meeting and finally it happens yesterday. What a small really world is just feeling happy!
It can happen. Well this is my first cousin and my friend meet each other after many years that they did not see each other for  a very  long time.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Very helpful

My small garden is very helping us this summer. I wish the weather here is always warm so that I don't need to buy vegetables.  
Its coming.
This is the Vegetables that I took from my small garden
is very delicious and fresh.
Soon to be harvest.
my sweet tomato
bell peppers and tomato and other vegetables that I don't know in English

New Battery for my cell phone

Since I use my cell phone to take pictures, most of the time the battery was gives up on me. Therefore, I keep complaining to my husband that my battery is not good anymore. After few days of complaining last night when he comes home from work, he gives me new battery for my Samsung cell phone. Now I have two batteries thanks to my husband. Now he won't be able to hear me complaining about my cell phone low battery.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Optimize your systems

Our family has four active personal computers. There are three desktop computers and one laptop. I suspect that there are at least two computers in use at our home during most hours of the day. Because we use them so much, it is important that we regularly maintain them to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible. We currently use multiple tools to optimize our systems, but I am currently researching pc tune up. It has the advantage of being an all-in-one tool to diagnose and repair problems and to clean and optimize our system. This would be much more efficient than our current approach that involves the use of several specialized tools.

Another hairstyles of mine

As a mom of four girls, I am trying to practice on how to style hair. I am practicing my own hair since my girls doesn't really care yet on how their hair to be style. Well, this is me to start my day I braid my hair in both side and I tight in the back it easy to do it and it keep my hair away from my face, while I am cleaning the house or while I am playing with my children.
I love this picture of mine.
I did not really comb my hair on this pic I just braids my hair in-to two. 

Its about time to go back to school

I am sure some of your kids are already at school mine will start next month. My oldest daughter is very excited to see her friends at school and my second oldest daughter is so excited to meet her new friends. I wonder how my second oldest daughter reacts when it is time for me to live at school on her first day. This is somewhat excited for me too. Will time will tell how this thing going. Right now, my kids are so excited to use their new bag pack and other school supply they what to use their new markers. Since they are so excited to use their new school supply I put the stuff way. That way it safe from being miss place. Anyhow, Let me stop here so that I can start cleaning up a little bit and hopefully I can find my charger so that I can charge my cell phone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CV joint repair

We have been quite lucky with the maintenance of our family cars. However, we had some relatively expensive repairs for my SUV earlier this year when problems arose while we were driving far away from home. As we were unable to get service immediately, we exacerbated the mechanical problems by driving the vehicle before it was repaired. I have heard horror stories of people having serious problems with their cars that require very expensive repairs. And for me it will be great if I can see a Photo on Canvas as a proof. Anyhow I am just curious about this Shipping Containers I wonder how much to the shipping cost international I bit its not cheap. Although, she ultimately learned a lot about the CV specs for CV joint repair of her car. I suppose it is just good practice to pay attention to any problems that arise so that you can better deal with such problems if they ever arise again. As our family cars get older, I wonder whether we will continue to be able to get the parts needed for repairs. I also wonder whether we would be able to get service if we were to leave the United States and take the vehicles along with us. I suspect that as the cars get older, eventually we might have to turn to Metal Fabrication services to replace parts that wear out and fail. Although such services can be expensive for the reproduction of a single specialty part, I understand that it can be quite reasonable for more common parts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

playing cowgirls

I am very fascinating with my kids playing cowgirls this morning after they ate their breakfast. My children's are very creative with their cowgirl's game. while I am watching them playing cowgirls I decide to run a quick search for horse riding and I came across to equestrian clothing where you can find the best prices on equestrian riding apparel, and tips on horse care to keep your horse healthy and looking good. Therefore, if you guys needs some information about where to find best riding apparel. Please consider clicking the high light words on this post. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Having great time at Water Park yesterday.

After my husband slide down he said to me that it is my turn to climb up but I said no thank you. I don't want to slide that far its look scary and he said no its fun and I said if you want you can do it again, I can probably take good shot, and he said no I have enough. I am too scared to climb up on the big slide even if you said that is not scary. You just enjoy yourself sliding and I will enjoy watching you slide.
Here is my husband walking towards the water slide. 

He is there now he is getting ready to slide down.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maintaining an active lifestyle

It has been nearly a year and a half since I gave birth to my fourth child. It would be an understatement to say that looking after four kinds while running a small business requires some pretty advanced time management skills. I always enjoyed keeping busy, but I have found that with a large family, it can be difficult to keep all of your personal priorities in order. One of my big goals this year has been to loose the excess weight that I gained following my last pregnancy. After really getting started in March, I am happy to say that I am now only about five pounds away from my ultimate goal. It has inspired me to read about people like Scott a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur. After reading about GelbardHe it was clear to me that he is a hard working person who has found a way to balance professional responsibilities and the need to engage in fun outdoor activities that promote good health. For my part, I started simple with my exercise routine. At first, my efforts were limited to running on our treadmill. Later I supplemented my treadmill runs with free weights. Then I added aerobic exercises. Finally, I began to run outdoors. As we moved into the summer months, I added swimming and badminton as fun ways to spice up my exercise routine. When I see a photo of someone like Scott Gelbard on the ski slopes, I know that there is no excuse for me not finding time to maintain an active lifestyle. People like Mr. Scott Gelbard are able to actually form new companies and get them off the ground while maintaining an active lifestyle. In that context, I have nothing but admiration for such people. If he can find a way to exercise in light of his schedule, then surely I can.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My hair style this summer.

Just trying to style my hair without cutting my hair this time a year.
Not really perfect but it work.

Friday, August 2, 2013

paradise! garden

This my friend having great time on her summer vacation.
When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, There is always the garden......It's paradise!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

automatic features

I just read some of the end-user reviews of the exciting dbx driverack at musicians friend. It is a loudspeaker management system. It includes some very impressive features, including the ability to store multiple sound profiles. In fact, it can sometimes take the place of separate crossovers and equalizers. It also features some useful automatic features that can help to streamline usage and setup. When used properly, it can help to bring clarity and definition to all instruments.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A guy who loves to ride bicycle for 30 years now

This picture is taking by my friend in Japan
Yoshida-san. He has been riding for 30 years -- I approached him because I wanted to take his picture with his bike. After I told him I'm from the Philippines, he mentioned Prime Minister Abe's visit to the Philippines, then he started talking about China. Why does China want to claim the islands that 'belong' to Japan and the Philippines? He said Japan and the Philippines should collaborate against China Afterwards, I asked if I could take his photo. He said yes, but didn't want to face the camera

Guest post of my friend in Japan

Monday, July 22, 2013

South Iceland

The Geysir geothermal area in Haukadalur is located in , about 110 km from the capital, Reykjavik and 50 km from the sea, at approximately 100 m altitude...The geothermal waters contain sodium chloride and bicarbonate, with a high concentration of fluoride and boron, indicating reactions with acidic volcanic rocks. The radon concentration is extremely high, 10-100 times that found in other geothermal areas in Iceland.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Final my husband done reassembling his riding mower

Last weekend, my husband finally managed to reassemble the mowing deck of his riding mower. He had been renovating our front lawn so he had not really needed the mower until recently. However, now that the new grass has filled-in, he had to use our small 22-inch push mower to cut our grass. He mentioned that it is a big difference to cut a half-acre lawn with a 22-inch mower versus a 46-inch mower. Thus, he had been anxious to complete the job. The major hold-up had been waiting to receive all of the necessary parts and finding instructions on how to assemble all of the parts of the deck. I do not think he ever found a service manual or other written instructions to complete the job. However, we went to a local Sears store and took a few pictures of some of the riding mower decks to provide guidance. Armed with those pictures, he was finally able to get the job done. Even though he finished late in the evening, he went ahead and used the mower to cut our grass. I must say that it looks quite good. Indeed, you really cannot tell that we had completely killed all of our grass just a few short months ago. Going forward, I know that my husband will appreciate the convenience of mowing with our big 46-inch riding mower instead of our 22-inch push mower.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Best outfit for the summer

I was never really into jewelry when I was younger, but recently I have become a jewelry junkie. The cost of the jewelry is not important to me, but rather I am more concerned with how it accents an outfit that I want to wear. Thus, whenever we go shopping, I usually find myself browsing the jewelry selection. My husband likes the idea that I like costume jewelry almost as much as the more expensive pieces. Thus, I know that he would be quite pleased to learn that I sometimes check out sites like There, you can find a wide selection of very nice, but also very affordable pieces of jewelry.

Washington D.C Zoo

Having great time at the zoo yesterday.
Enjoying the summer

Sunday, July 14, 2013

replacement parts

After several months, my husband finally completed his repairs on our riding mower. He had to order several parts and some of them never arrived, but he was able to improvise some temporary replacement parts. One item that was missing was a cotter pin, which is needed for the lift mechanism of the mower deck. To replace the missing pin, he simply bent a nail through the pin opening. He expects to order additional pins shortly.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Diamond Value

This is what I have notice of my aunt fingers full of big diamonds. I am not saying that I am delousing of what she had on her fingers. I am just saying that it is not good looking really, if you wear all of your diamond on your fingers. Because people think that, you are showing-off you know what I mean. For me I think it is enough to have one of this loose diamonds to wear. Not like my aunt that she will really wear her entire diamond on her jewelry box. Well I guess my aunt really loves to wear her diamond jewelry. Anyhow happy Friday to you all

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

refrigerator filters

We bought our first house couple years ago with an old appliances and now the biggest issue that we had right now is the refrigerator filters. Oh! Well maybe I should try to search if I can find one online. But I should check first the model of our refrigerator before I search so that I will know if they have one for our fridge. So let me stop here so that I can check the model of our fridge.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

gardening items

There are mothers who simply love to take care of gardens and their plants. Most of them have a small garden in front of the house for flowering plants. There are also some moms that have a vegetable garden at the backyard for their family's consumption. Hence, there are many things you can give to your mom on Mother's day if she loves gardening. Mother's Day gift baskets are the best option to take when you plan to give several gardening items to your mom. You have the option to buy a preassembled Mother's Day gift baskets containing all the gardening items you like to give to your mom, or you can buy the items and make the basket on your own. Either way, you have to make sure that you give the best products to your mom. If you opt to make the garden gift basket, then you will need to buy both the container and the gift items you put in the basket. Though there are many baskets available, the best container to use for your gift basket is a watering can. This will be useful in your mother's garden when all contents are consumed. The decorations that you put in and around the basket can also be something that your mom can use in her garden such as fine ropes and strips. There are many things you can put in the basket. You might want to put some gardening tools along with new seeds and plants. You can put a trowel and some packs of seeds in the basket. You can choose whatever seeds that you want your mom to plant. You can choose the seeds that your mom likes to plant and introduce to her some of the new seeds available in the market. You can also include a gift certificate that you got from a local nursery. This will allow her to take a look at the seedlings first hand. Going to the nursery and looking at seedlings can be your bonding time for mother's day. She will surely feel happy that you are going to the nursery with her. Mother's Day gift baskets for garden lovers are very easy to make. Once you have the watering can and the gardening tool, seedling and other items, you can neatly arrange them inside. You can tie some twig strips or fine ropes around the can and make sure you tape them, so they stay in place. You can use a pair of soft gardening glove to make a bow on the handle of the watering can.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Statistics Time of signals

I was looking at my trading account this morning and I was very happy because the stock market is getting back. In addition, the Little Creek forex signals currency is now getting better with their profit. I am just hopping that that stock market will keep going forward.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Modeling time

In our family room
Well as I told you before that when I get bored, I will get my make up set and start putting make up in my face. However, yesterday I did not put much make up in my face after put some make up in my face I get my camera and start taking pictures of myself using my timer in my camera. My husband was so angry when uploading these pictures to my facebook account. Therefore, I deleted all the pictures that I upload to my facebook account and my friends were asking why I delete to the pictures and I just told them that you saw already so I deleted already. They were saying that I look great after my four kids they could not believe that I lose weight and almost back to my normal size when I was 23 year old. I am not sure if they are telling me the truth but I don't care. They will make me more aggressive with my exercise routine. Anyhow here are the pictures that I took hope you like it.
First floor

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

digital systems designed

It is amazing to me how quickly you can hand out business cards for a new business. In little more than a year, my husband has probably given out hundreds of business cards for his law firm. Fortunately, online business card printing is both inexpensive and fast. He was able to design his business card, place an order and have the cards within little more than one week. I know that the cards help to provide advertising for his firm and a quick reference so that his clients can contact him when legal matters arise.

workout sessions

Work out time
I should be able to wear my swim suite this summer if I motivate myself to exercise every day. Looking at this picture of mine make me motivate to exercise. I was not planning to exercise this morning but when I open my computer, I saw a picture of mine. Therefore, after cooking breakfast for my kids I will go ahead and exercise. This time since Jasmine has no more class I will probably work out for two hours I will put more e-fort on my Abs.

Anyhow, that is all for now I will start cooking will they are still sleeping so that when they get up their breakfast is ready.