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Monday, January 28, 2013

Done renovating our laundry area.

I am so happy that were finally done renovating laundry area.
Now I am able to use our washing machine and dryer. Yesterday was my first day washing all day night since I was not able to use our washing machine and dryer for almost a month? Therefore, this morning I get up so early  and start ironing  and folding the rest of my laundry. Now I am a bit tired stand all- daylong trying to finish ironing so that I can do different  tomorrow for my children. Since my older daughter has no class. Perhaps, I was not able to finish ironing but I can probably finish it in one or two hours tomorrow. So if I get up four o'clock in the morning and start ironing first thing in the morning, it means I can do something good for my kids. So, we will see. Anyhow its 10:15 Washington DC time so that is all for now. Happy Monday to you all! Peace!

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