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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Liger in Biliran Island

I am proud to say that I live in one of the gorgeous islands in the Philippines. Well I live in Biliran Island, which is located in Samar Leyte are now slowly introduce around the country. Recently one of the television companies in the country featured the island, which is a bit surprise to the people who live in Cabucgayan Biliran. Of course given that the Island has been discussed the history of the hidden beauty of the Island. That most Biliranons does not know including myself what a shame on me. I am just (laughing) when I learn that the island I grow up with have a hidden history.  I've never learn that the Island I've grow up has an animal called “Ligers” half of  a male lion and tigress which according to them ( Journalist who explore the island) only 80 exist in the whole world and that is including my beloved island in Biliran, Leyte. If not from the journalist I guess until now I would not learn about this kind of animal in my place.

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