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Friday, May 31, 2013

sunglasses for Summer

I just noticed that my husband has many shades. I think that he always has had several pairs. In fact, from the time that we met, he always seemed to have different pairs of shades that he would wear throughout the week. He has a pair of raybans hat he claims that he has owned since he was in college. He said he bought them after watching the Tom Cruise movie called Risky Business. I think they are very distinctive and cool. Maybe I will borrow is pair sometimes until I can get a pair of my own.

Are you ready for your electric bill this summer 2013

Feels like I'm in the Philippines
I would love to walk to pick up Jasmine at her school. However, when I step outside my husband said that I should drive because it too hot for my kids to walk is 89°F high. Since I am lazy to get my car key, I told him that you pick up Jasmine. Therefore, he picks up Jasmine and here I am just acting lazy since it to hot outside. Our is all day on I wonder how much our eclectic bill this month. Anyhow looks like they are at home now so let me stop here now so that I can say hello to my oldest daughter. She been very proud of her work at school lately they are making rodeo vest for their program this coming June 4 and she is very excited about it. Anyhow that is all for now happy weekend to all of us. Enjoy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

reliable business

Shortly after we moved into our home, we hired a service to mount our flat-screen over one of our fireplaces. Since that time, we have proceeded to purchase two more flat-screen televisions, but neither has been wall mounted. I think it makes sense to start looking for better flat screen mounts deals. If we can find a good, affordable and reliable business to mount our other televisions, then we will probably have the other sets mounted in a couple of bedrooms.

family dental appointment

We had a family dental appointment today. I was surprised that we were at the dentist's office for more than 2 hours. In past visits, they have been able to see my husband, our oldest daughter, and me in little more than an hour. Our daughter went first. She was in pretty good shape in light of the fact that she still has her baby teeth. The dentist said she needed multiple fillings, half of which they completed today. My husband needs to have his wisdom teeth pulled as well as a couple of fillings. I was the lucky one in that all I needed was a thorough cleaning. In fact, my husband and oldest daughter have to go in tomorrow for some follow up, which will involve pulling teeth and fillings. Please wish them luck.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day holiday weekend

I visited my in-laws in Memphis, Tennessee over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We had an enjoyable visit. However, it was unfortunate that we were unable to see a live performance at BB Kings club on Beale Street. I always enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of live performances. It is something about the elation lighting at wwbw and the sound of live instruments that I find utterly enchanting. As luck would have it, we were unable to enter the club due to some unrest in the area which caused the police to direct most revelers to leave the area.

Men's Polos

My husband is very happy on his gift as you can see on this picture. When bought these polo shirts I was not sure whether my husband loves these polo shirts. However, when he opened I was surprise that he really like it. He said that I have good taste and he really appreciate everything what I give to him and I was very happy. I sometimes think that since my husband has enough cloths in his closet I don't need to buy any cloths for him. However, I think I am wrong because even if my husband has too much cloth in his closet he still need new cloths. Because some of his polo shirts in his drawer wont feet anymore or he does not like it anymore.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My husband unforgettable 44 birthday! in Memphis Tennessee

Here is the cake 
This is what happened on my husband birthday. May 26 2013 we were in my parent in-law house in Memphis Tennessee. It was 4:00 in the afternoon, my mother in-law and I was talking about were my husband going to set. So that he can blow his candle out and I can take, good pictures of him with his children's and of course his auntie's uncle. In addition, since the dining table room in my mother in-law house was nice place I said to my mother in-law that its better set up in the dining table and my mother in-law agree with me. Therefore, we were preparing the table for my husband. When were done setting up the table I went back to the kitchen to check my cooking stuff. While I was at the kitchen, I heard singing happy birthday so I stop and full my camera out in the camera bag and said wait I will take pictures. I am not sure if they heard me or not so, I did go ahead and take snapshot. While I was snapping, pictures my third daughter older daughter walked by to my mother, in-law and my mother in-law was looking to my third daughter while she was holding the cake. Guess what happened, the cake fall down to the carpet and a soon the cake fell down to the carpet my third daughter said wah! wah! wah!. I wish I full out the video instead of the camera that would be funny to hear what my third daughter said when the cake fell down to the carpet. Oh! I feel bad and good on that day.
Opps it's going to fall down.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring shopping

My little fashion girl.
We went to Tyson mall this morning after I drop off my older daughter at her school. The reasons why we went to Tyson mall this morning because I promise to my second oldest daughter that if she clean up her toys away we go to Tyson mall and she did. Therefore, we went to the mall just for window-shopping. My second oldest daughter she seems like she is very fashionable girl.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Electricity Rates in Texas

We've been making a lot of changes around our household lately to find ways to be a little greener and energy efficient. Some of them actually are sticking, but breaking bad habits like throwing away cardboard and plastic take a little bit of effort to break. We're learning that the hard way. I was doing my research online to find out how we can carry out our green goals during our spring break too and while I was doing that I randomly found some Electricity Rates in Texas. I showed them to my wife and after that I decided to sign up for an energy plan that we found on there for our household. I did find a few hotels that are built to be green and energy efficient. They promise on their websites to not lose any quality just by being green, so I think that we're going to pick one of them to stay in for our little beach trip. Too bad there is not a more efficient way to get there than to drive.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

getting in shape

My best friend and I just joined an adult soccer league, and we've had a great time getting in shape with practices and games. It turns out that it's also a great place to meet people - I've already got my eye on one of the girls on the team! He and I have been taking turns driving to practice and treating each other to dinner after it's over, and we've had a lot of fun. On the days I have practice, I rush home from work in order to change clothes and grab my equipment. I set the Alarm Systems and then either wait for him to pick me up, or I head over to his house to get him. Once we arrive at the field, we'll spend some time jogging around the perimeter or kicking a few balls back and forth. It's a great way to get ourselves ready for the practice, because a lot of the other players on the team are really intense and talented! After practice is over, we usually head to one of our favorite bars for drinks or some food.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How many calories you should burn everyday?

This the calories I burn in one hour running in my treadmill at home.
Well summer is around the corner I am sure everybody is so excited to wear his or her summer suit like me. Well, I am trying hard to exercise so that I can lose weight for this summer. Therefore, I can wear my summer dress that I bought when I was in the Philippines. I have so many dress that it won't fit on me after having babies. Now that I have been exercising for all most a year, I've lose a lot and I am able to fit some of my old clothes in my closet. So if you really want to lose weight just try hard exercising and look what you eat. You can eat a lot as long as you are active enough to burn .