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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Electricity Rates in Texas

We've been making a lot of changes around our household lately to find ways to be a little greener and energy efficient. Some of them actually are sticking, but breaking bad habits like throwing away cardboard and plastic take a little bit of effort to break. We're learning that the hard way. I was doing my research online to find out how we can carry out our green goals during our spring break too and while I was doing that I randomly found some Electricity Rates in Texas. I showed them to my wife and after that I decided to sign up for an energy plan that we found on there for our household. I did find a few hotels that are built to be green and energy efficient. They promise on their websites to not lose any quality just by being green, so I think that we're going to pick one of them to stay in for our little beach trip. Too bad there is not a more efficient way to get there than to drive.

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