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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My husband unforgettable 44 birthday! in Memphis Tennessee

Here is the cake 
This is what happened on my husband birthday. May 26 2013 we were in my parent in-law house in Memphis Tennessee. It was 4:00 in the afternoon, my mother in-law and I was talking about were my husband going to set. So that he can blow his candle out and I can take, good pictures of him with his children's and of course his auntie's uncle. In addition, since the dining table room in my mother in-law house was nice place I said to my mother in-law that its better set up in the dining table and my mother in-law agree with me. Therefore, we were preparing the table for my husband. When were done setting up the table I went back to the kitchen to check my cooking stuff. While I was at the kitchen, I heard singing happy birthday so I stop and full my camera out in the camera bag and said wait I will take pictures. I am not sure if they heard me or not so, I did go ahead and take snapshot. While I was snapping, pictures my third daughter older daughter walked by to my mother, in-law and my mother in-law was looking to my third daughter while she was holding the cake. Guess what happened, the cake fall down to the carpet and a soon the cake fell down to the carpet my third daughter said wah! wah! wah!. I wish I full out the video instead of the camera that would be funny to hear what my third daughter said when the cake fell down to the carpet. Oh! I feel bad and good on that day.
Opps it's going to fall down.

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