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Monday, June 24, 2013

Modeling time

In our family room
Well as I told you before that when I get bored, I will get my make up set and start putting make up in my face. However, yesterday I did not put much make up in my face after put some make up in my face I get my camera and start taking pictures of myself using my timer in my camera. My husband was so angry when uploading these pictures to my facebook account. Therefore, I deleted all the pictures that I upload to my facebook account and my friends were asking why I delete to the pictures and I just told them that you saw already so I deleted already. They were saying that I look great after my four kids they could not believe that I lose weight and almost back to my normal size when I was 23 year old. I am not sure if they are telling me the truth but I don't care. They will make me more aggressive with my exercise routine. Anyhow here are the pictures that I took hope you like it.
First floor

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