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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paint jobs

Today mu husband painted our dining room and living room again. It sometimes feels like we have painted those rooms once for every year that we have owned our home. However, I realize that it really hasn't been that many times. Surprisingly, our dining room is simply returning to the color scheme that we had when we originally painted the room. Our living room is getting the color scheme that we originally intended when we installed wainscoting a couple of years ago. I must say that the early results look very good. I anticipate that we will have a lot more painting to do over the next few days or weeks. Our goal will be to freshen up the paint jobs in our foyer and family rooms. Both of those rooms get a lot of traffic and a lot of wear and tear from our kids. Thus, I expect that fresh paint will make our home look a lot newer and better maintained.

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