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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toilet auger

A couple of days ago, we ordered a new toilet auger. It was the second that we purchased for our home because the first one appears to have been of poor quality. Several weeks ago, we suspect that our one-year-old daughter placed a plastic cup or dish in the toilet in our powder room on the main floor of our home. The toilet has been clogged ever since. We tried to use our existing toilet auger, but it just seemed to buckle when we tried to use it to clear the plumbing. On multiple occasions, I used our plunger to get the water down then poured in new water from a bucket to flush. Then, last week one of our daughters flushed the toilet causing it to overflow. We did not know what was happening until I heard what sounded like water running. It was the worst overflow we had ever experienced. Buckets of water streamed through the floor into our basement. After we got cleaned up, my husband immediately started doing research on the best toilet augers. While he was at it, he also researched drain augers since we have also had recurring problems with a couple of our bathtubs. Time is running short now, so I will write more later to tell you how the products work out.

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