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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Final my husband done reassembling his riding mower

Last weekend, my husband finally managed to reassemble the mowing deck of his riding mower. He had been renovating our front lawn so he had not really needed the mower until recently. However, now that the new grass has filled-in, he had to use our small 22-inch push mower to cut our grass. He mentioned that it is a big difference to cut a half-acre lawn with a 22-inch mower versus a 46-inch mower. Thus, he had been anxious to complete the job. The major hold-up had been waiting to receive all of the necessary parts and finding instructions on how to assemble all of the parts of the deck. I do not think he ever found a service manual or other written instructions to complete the job. However, we went to a local Sears store and took a few pictures of some of the riding mower decks to provide guidance. Armed with those pictures, he was finally able to get the job done. Even though he finished late in the evening, he went ahead and used the mower to cut our grass. I must say that it looks quite good. Indeed, you really cannot tell that we had completely killed all of our grass just a few short months ago. Going forward, I know that my husband will appreciate the convenience of mowing with our big 46-inch riding mower instead of our 22-inch push mower.

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Larley Campoto said...

Hi , i love reading your blog, its good to know what you been up to.