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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

gardening items

There are mothers who simply love to take care of gardens and their plants. Most of them have a small garden in front of the house for flowering plants. There are also some moms that have a vegetable garden at the backyard for their family's consumption. Hence, there are many things you can give to your mom on Mother's day if she loves gardening. Mother's Day gift baskets are the best option to take when you plan to give several gardening items to your mom. You have the option to buy a preassembled Mother's Day gift baskets containing all the gardening items you like to give to your mom, or you can buy the items and make the basket on your own. Either way, you have to make sure that you give the best products to your mom. If you opt to make the garden gift basket, then you will need to buy both the container and the gift items you put in the basket. Though there are many baskets available, the best container to use for your gift basket is a watering can. This will be useful in your mother's garden when all contents are consumed. The decorations that you put in and around the basket can also be something that your mom can use in her garden such as fine ropes and strips. There are many things you can put in the basket. You might want to put some gardening tools along with new seeds and plants. You can put a trowel and some packs of seeds in the basket. You can choose whatever seeds that you want your mom to plant. You can choose the seeds that your mom likes to plant and introduce to her some of the new seeds available in the market. You can also include a gift certificate that you got from a local nursery. This will allow her to take a look at the seedlings first hand. Going to the nursery and looking at seedlings can be your bonding time for mother's day. She will surely feel happy that you are going to the nursery with her. Mother's Day gift baskets for garden lovers are very easy to make. Once you have the watering can and the gardening tool, seedling and other items, you can neatly arrange them inside. You can tie some twig strips or fine ropes around the can and make sure you tape them, so they stay in place. You can use a pair of soft gardening glove to make a bow on the handle of the watering can.

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