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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hotel Supplies

My cousin just bought a beachfront property in our hometown and since the land is enough to build a resort she and her husband are now thinking whether they well build a resorts in the property. That can provide an extra income while her husband works in abroad. Building resorts in my hometown nowadays I think is a good idea. Since there are so many tourists, people visiting in my hometown. Plus there are, only two places that you can check -in that has nice rooms hot water and air conditioner, which is very important to a foreign people. There are no other computation resorts in my hometown right now, so the price is somewhat expensive for the local people. Now, if the plan of my cousin well succeeds she might contact me for some help about where she can purchase a Hotel Bar Suppliesyou know. Because she knew that I like to browse online and she know that I've been traveling in the past couples of years. In-fact she know that we went to Atlanta this summer. She might want to consider asking me about Atlanta Hotel Supply we never know. Therefore, I might consider looking for Hotel Supply Online ,so when my cousin ask me for this stuff I have some idea already to introduce you know. I don't need to look for this stuff.

I gain weight after eating cupcakes.

Its time to give more efforts on my daily exercise.
Since we celebrate Nadira birthday twice I gain 5 founds. Now I am trying to lose all those gain. I'd never get my goal weights now I gain more Oh! well.

Open house for Kindergarteners

What a busy day I have today. I got up around 6 o'clock this morning run for 15 minutes do some crunches and after that I shower as quickly as I can, then I feed my kids gives them a bath and change them. Then we go to the doctor office to drop off some forms for the school. This morning is an open house for Kindergarteners and of course the 1-6. Therefore, I take my two others children's with me to my daughters school since my husband is working. Jasmine was so happy because she and her best friends are still at the same class. They were so happy to see each other and of course as a mom, I am happy to see my daughter happy. Therefore, I talked to Jasmine best friend mom and we ex-change phone number so we can contact each other for play date. Yeah! Funny play date don't excess when I was a kid. If I want to play, I just go and play whenever I want now I need to contact who-ever the mother of my children friend so we can set up a play date.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

legal services

My husband is an attorney. He practices with one law partner in the Washington, DC area. He focuses on corporate and business law, while his partner focuses on real estate, bankruptcy and litigation. They often get requests for representation from potential clients. It astonishes me how many people expect lawyers to work for no upfront fee. In fact, some people seem to think that there are a lot of free bankruptcy lawyers. Although I understand that the court pays counsel out of bankruptcy judgments, I suspect that there are not many attorneys who are comfortable working for no guaranteed pay.

native citizen

Hope to see them again soon.
Love to attend the party especially if the host is my native citizen. You would not just enjoying the party it self but you actually filling those home sick side of yours by interacting peoples whom had the same situation. Life here wouldn’t be easy at all but if you learn to embrace the choices you have made you will begin to find the real happiness that you have never expected to get. Life is always a choice so just live and tries to enjoy every moment you have.

My batch mate

I was glad hearing the entire crazy story with my friends about meeting our batch mate. Actually he is not only my batch mate but also a first degree cousin of mine. He is working abroad as a seaman and after a long time since after we graduated elementary school they never had a chance to meet each other back home. Funny their road crosses again after my cousin assign on the same country where my friend is currently living. After all the exchange greetings they have decided to schedule their meeting and finally it happens yesterday. What a small really world is just feeling happy!
It can happen. Well this is my first cousin and my friend meet each other after many years that they did not see each other for  a very  long time.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Very helpful

My small garden is very helping us this summer. I wish the weather here is always warm so that I don't need to buy vegetables.  
Its coming.
This is the Vegetables that I took from my small garden
is very delicious and fresh.
Soon to be harvest.
my sweet tomato
bell peppers and tomato and other vegetables that I don't know in English

New Battery for my cell phone

Since I use my cell phone to take pictures, most of the time the battery was gives up on me. Therefore, I keep complaining to my husband that my battery is not good anymore. After few days of complaining last night when he comes home from work, he gives me new battery for my Samsung cell phone. Now I have two batteries thanks to my husband. Now he won't be able to hear me complaining about my cell phone low battery.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Optimize your systems

Our family has four active personal computers. There are three desktop computers and one laptop. I suspect that there are at least two computers in use at our home during most hours of the day. Because we use them so much, it is important that we regularly maintain them to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible. We currently use multiple tools to optimize our systems, but I am currently researching pc tune up. It has the advantage of being an all-in-one tool to diagnose and repair problems and to clean and optimize our system. This would be much more efficient than our current approach that involves the use of several specialized tools.

Another hairstyles of mine

As a mom of four girls, I am trying to practice on how to style hair. I am practicing my own hair since my girls doesn't really care yet on how their hair to be style. Well, this is me to start my day I braid my hair in both side and I tight in the back it easy to do it and it keep my hair away from my face, while I am cleaning the house or while I am playing with my children.
I love this picture of mine.
I did not really comb my hair on this pic I just braids my hair in-to two. 

Its about time to go back to school

I am sure some of your kids are already at school mine will start next month. My oldest daughter is very excited to see her friends at school and my second oldest daughter is so excited to meet her new friends. I wonder how my second oldest daughter reacts when it is time for me to live at school on her first day. This is somewhat excited for me too. Will time will tell how this thing going. Right now, my kids are so excited to use their new bag pack and other school supply they what to use their new markers. Since they are so excited to use their new school supply I put the stuff way. That way it safe from being miss place. Anyhow, Let me stop here so that I can start cleaning up a little bit and hopefully I can find my charger so that I can charge my cell phone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CV joint repair

We have been quite lucky with the maintenance of our family cars. However, we had some relatively expensive repairs for my SUV earlier this year when problems arose while we were driving far away from home. As we were unable to get service immediately, we exacerbated the mechanical problems by driving the vehicle before it was repaired. I have heard horror stories of people having serious problems with their cars that require very expensive repairs. And for me it will be great if I can see a Photo on Canvas as a proof. Anyhow I am just curious about this Shipping Containers I wonder how much to the shipping cost international I bit its not cheap. Although, she ultimately learned a lot about the CV specs for CV joint repair of her car. I suppose it is just good practice to pay attention to any problems that arise so that you can better deal with such problems if they ever arise again. As our family cars get older, I wonder whether we will continue to be able to get the parts needed for repairs. I also wonder whether we would be able to get service if we were to leave the United States and take the vehicles along with us. I suspect that as the cars get older, eventually we might have to turn to Metal Fabrication services to replace parts that wear out and fail. Although such services can be expensive for the reproduction of a single specialty part, I understand that it can be quite reasonable for more common parts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

playing cowgirls

I am very fascinating with my kids playing cowgirls this morning after they ate their breakfast. My children's are very creative with their cowgirl's game. while I am watching them playing cowgirls I decide to run a quick search for horse riding and I came across to equestrian clothing where you can find the best prices on equestrian riding apparel, and tips on horse care to keep your horse healthy and looking good. Therefore, if you guys needs some information about where to find best riding apparel. Please consider clicking the high light words on this post. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Having great time at Water Park yesterday.

After my husband slide down he said to me that it is my turn to climb up but I said no thank you. I don't want to slide that far its look scary and he said no its fun and I said if you want you can do it again, I can probably take good shot, and he said no I have enough. I am too scared to climb up on the big slide even if you said that is not scary. You just enjoy yourself sliding and I will enjoy watching you slide.
Here is my husband walking towards the water slide. 

He is there now he is getting ready to slide down.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maintaining an active lifestyle

It has been nearly a year and a half since I gave birth to my fourth child. It would be an understatement to say that looking after four kinds while running a small business requires some pretty advanced time management skills. I always enjoyed keeping busy, but I have found that with a large family, it can be difficult to keep all of your personal priorities in order. One of my big goals this year has been to loose the excess weight that I gained following my last pregnancy. After really getting started in March, I am happy to say that I am now only about five pounds away from my ultimate goal. It has inspired me to read about people like Scott a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur. After reading about GelbardHe it was clear to me that he is a hard working person who has found a way to balance professional responsibilities and the need to engage in fun outdoor activities that promote good health. For my part, I started simple with my exercise routine. At first, my efforts were limited to running on our treadmill. Later I supplemented my treadmill runs with free weights. Then I added aerobic exercises. Finally, I began to run outdoors. As we moved into the summer months, I added swimming and badminton as fun ways to spice up my exercise routine. When I see a photo of someone like Scott Gelbard on the ski slopes, I know that there is no excuse for me not finding time to maintain an active lifestyle. People like Mr. Scott Gelbard are able to actually form new companies and get them off the ground while maintaining an active lifestyle. In that context, I have nothing but admiration for such people. If he can find a way to exercise in light of his schedule, then surely I can.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My hair style this summer.

Just trying to style my hair without cutting my hair this time a year.
Not really perfect but it work.

Friday, August 2, 2013

paradise! garden

This my friend having great time on her summer vacation.
When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, There is always the garden......It's paradise!