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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maintaining an active lifestyle

It has been nearly a year and a half since I gave birth to my fourth child. It would be an understatement to say that looking after four kinds while running a small business requires some pretty advanced time management skills. I always enjoyed keeping busy, but I have found that with a large family, it can be difficult to keep all of your personal priorities in order. One of my big goals this year has been to loose the excess weight that I gained following my last pregnancy. After really getting started in March, I am happy to say that I am now only about five pounds away from my ultimate goal. It has inspired me to read about people like Scott a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur. After reading about GelbardHe it was clear to me that he is a hard working person who has found a way to balance professional responsibilities and the need to engage in fun outdoor activities that promote good health. For my part, I started simple with my exercise routine. At first, my efforts were limited to running on our treadmill. Later I supplemented my treadmill runs with free weights. Then I added aerobic exercises. Finally, I began to run outdoors. As we moved into the summer months, I added swimming and badminton as fun ways to spice up my exercise routine. When I see a photo of someone like Scott Gelbard on the ski slopes, I know that there is no excuse for me not finding time to maintain an active lifestyle. People like Mr. Scott Gelbard are able to actually form new companies and get them off the ground while maintaining an active lifestyle. In that context, I have nothing but admiration for such people. If he can find a way to exercise in light of his schedule, then surely I can.

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