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Monday, September 30, 2013

investment advisor

Since I am here in the United States, people in my hometown think that I have plenty of cash to loan them and guess what their pledge in order for you to loan them cash is their property. I know this is a good investment. But since I don't live there, what the purpose of having an investment in my hometown you know. Well, I guess if I am going to retire there in my hometown, I will definitely do that but for now, I am trying to save some cash for my children college plan. Saving money for my children college plan is my investment right now and that is my biggest concern. Because I have no idea wither, my kids will go to college or I can have enough investment cash for my children's, you know what I mean. Having business is sometimes penny in the ass. That is why big and small business owner hired or searching for professional investment consultant like Scott Gelbard and other consultant people in this world. I just mention Scott Gelbard because he is very good person, he works with a variety of high-level international clients to provide advice on optimizing wealth and enhancing country-to-country business exchanges and partnerships.

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