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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Historical buildings in Bohol city in the Philippines is Gone.

Lately an awful tragedy hit on the Visayas part of my beloved country. A lot of people lost their homes and lives because of the human nature “ earthquake” of magnitude seven. Historical buildings included churches are now gone because of the calamity. It is sad to think that this all happened in my home country and no bodies is prepared and expect that this will happen to my own country. Indeed it is very hurtful but we cannot do nothing further just to face and accept the fact that this is one of GOD purposes. It may take a lot of time before my fellow citizen stand a new home and hope. But as long as they have this spirit to fight nothing would be impossible to do for them.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

advertising campaign

My husband's law firm is considering the production of commercials in connection with its advertising campaign. Historically, the firm has relied on word-of-mouth for its advertising, but with the continued effects of the slow recovery from the global recession, it has decided to be more aggressive. Although they initially considered producing some short videos themselves, ultimately they concluded that it would be in their best interests to pursue professional help. Fortunately, there are some excellent online video production companies out there. They bring experience with the production of both television and website video advertising. I am sure that this experience helps to ensure positive results. Earlier this week, I thought I identified a possible work environment for me. Finding a job has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a stay-at-home mother of four small children. In light of my limited work history, there are not many that I would qualify for. However, I am sure that there are entry-level jobs that I could perform. For example, I am sure that I could handle certain banking jobs, like teller or receptionist. This morning while searching jobs, I came across to a financial planning and business analysis. We have nearly completed all of the renovations to our basement. We also recently completed the tiling of our outdoor patio. I think the next job will involve re-surfacing our driveway. Once all of the projects are completed, it will be interesting to see how the valuation of our home changes. Thus far, we have been fortunate to watch our home's value steadily increase over the years, and I would like to see jot how far it can go. The cost of refinancing has been improving in recent years. There are some good companies like New Zealand Home Loans that can help you to navigate the process and secure a new, lower-cost mortgage. Therefore, if your are from New Zealand, and looking for great deal on mortgage you should take advantage of your state of the art mortgage software program that calculates the optimal setup and repayment plan for your mortgage.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The leaves is starting to fall.

While we were walking this afternoon going to my oldest daughter school, my third oldest daughter was having fun picking this colorful leaves from the maple tree. So when we came home since she give me all this beautiful leaves I decided to take pictures. I tested in different art style while I was taking pictures on this beautiful leaves in the floor and all of the sudden my youngest daughter was picking up all this leaves in the floor so this is all I got. Hope you like it.
This is my first design. I think is cool!
Just having fun with the colorful leaves from our neighbor maple tree.
Beautiful isn't it?