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Sunday, November 3, 2013

particular friend

We all have friend’s in life but all of them has its own participation or a character that contributed in your life. But in hundreds of them one will shine, it may not be your best friend to be called but a buddy that always been there to talk with, on any kind of drama in life. So then I have this one particular friend that happen to talk all the time she is married with an ex-military guy she often telling me a story about her husband experiences during those time of being on a military and war. I will be honest I haven’t care or given any attention to those people who give their lives in our country as I am too much busy on earning money but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect or thanking them for what they have done for the sake of our motherland which why I have my freedom of speech because of all their sacrifices. My manners was change after hearing the story of my friends husband how they sacrifices their lives in exchanges of millions of people that unfortunately most of us is taking it for granted as if everything what they’ve done is just normal. Of course we heard a lot about those military guy’s through the news but mostly when they are already died on a battle. I just found one day myself surfing on internet about them and my heart milt and my tears started to drop for the families who lost their sister, brother and father and I saluted those who dedicated their lives and continue to serve their people. Please give your 1 minute to pray for their safety that they will come home back safety to their love one’s.

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