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Friday, January 31, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace

On yesterday, I began to get an error message on my cell-phone regarding the internal memory. I do not remember ever getting the message before so I asked my husband to fix it. This morning, he reported that it appears that the problem is rather common with the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Amazingly, the phone only has about 180 megabytes of internal memory. I thought this was incredibly low for a phone that otherwise has such advanced features. Anyway, after a bit of research, he concluded that he needed to "root" my phone, which is similar to jail breaking it. After he did that, he said it was easy to force the phone to supplement the internal memory with the mini-SD card. As we have an extra 32-gigabyte SD card, my phone is now as good as new with plenty of extra space for pictures, music and videos.

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