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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home Warranty

It is amazing to think that we will have been in our home 6 years later this year. When I look at old photographs of the house, I can quickly see just how much work and money we have invested in our home over the years. Even when we were deciding whether to buy, we quickly realized that the house would need a lot of work. However, overall we thought it was a good thing because we were able to purchase the house at a relatively low price and we figured that we could use the savings on the purchase price to do some much-needed renovations. We got started immediately after we bought the house. Within a few weeks of our purchase, we hired a landscaper, had our floors refinished, and painted most of the house. We also began to demolish our finished basement so that we could begin to remodel. Fortunately, the only specialized arrangements we had to make related to termite treatment and a home warranty. After looking at a number of warranty companies like Choice Home Warranty, we settled on a policy that provided rather comprehensive coverage. Fortunately, to date, we have only needed to file a couple of claims, which is good for an older home that is nearly 50 years old. One thing that has recently come to our attention is that there were cracks formed during an earthquake in our area a few years ago. No one was hurt, but the earthquake was quite strong and very scary. When it was over, we noticed that some of the molding around the ceiling looked like it had separated from the wall. Although it is not very obvious, it is something that we need to address before the cracks widen. We have also replaced almost all of the major appliances in our home. This includes our refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, oven and microwave. We also discarded an old garbage disposal and replaced it with a beverage cooler. I know that Choice Home Warranty also insures home appliances. This is especially useful in light of the substantial investment we made for our Thermador kitchen. Anyhow, if you want more information about them, you can check their Facebook.

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