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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

modern dining tables

Why I like dark furniture’s? Well the reason why love dark furniture’s because one we have small children. Always touching rubbing stuff on the furniture’s and sometimes it’s really hard to clean up you know what I mean. I saw nice modern dining tables this morning while browsing online. I have to point the dining table that really like and I think this is the perfect dining table for us since we have small children. As you can see the picture of this dining table. The chairs is not so high or too low. Looking at this picture even my 4year old daughter can set on this dining table without any problem. This table is made in dark oak, &finish matches Jesse’s lovely sideboards. This table is also a perfect size, at 160cm. The middle extension adds another 60cm to make the table a roomy 220 cm - easily enough for 8 people, & maybe even enough for 10.

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