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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost got it my target weight

The power of exercising regularly.
I recently achieved an important milestone in my exercise routine. After exercising regularly since early January of this year, I am finally within about five pounds of my . My progress was quite rapid at first. But after a while, my weight loss began to slow down. Then it seemed as if my weight stalled about ten pounds away from my initial goal. In fact, for a short time it even appeared that I had begun to gain weight instead of lose it. Then, after continuing to exercise for a couple of weeks, I started to see progress again. Just this weekend, I found that I could fit into most of my old clothes that I got when I first arrived in the United States over 7 years ago. This excites me so much that I want to work even harder to lose these last few pounds. When I finally achieve my goal, my husband has promised a new wardrobe and other incentives. Thus, I will have many reasons to celebrate.
My two years old daughter is also exercising. Great job baby to bad the camera is not zoom out.

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