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Sunday, July 20, 2014

investment home

Good morning folks, I am just remembering the day when we are at Myrtle Beach. It has been a month now passed by since we went to South Carolina. As you know while we were there for vacation, there were couple of houses that is for sale and we thought about it how much it cost you know. However, since we still have mortgage and insurance to pay we stop thinking about it. Speaking of insurance I just came across to this homeowners insurance quotes - allred insurance while browsing online this morning. This company is base on North Carolina. Therefore, if you are searching for home insurance policy. You might want to consider clicking the high light words on this post.

Monday, July 14, 2014

fox carrying map

I wish I have my camera with me this morning. While I was jogging this morning I saw a fox crossing the street. One thing got my attention is the paper in this mouth you know it seems like this fox is bring a map just like on the movie that animal sending note to people. When I came home I talked to my husband about the fox I saw and I explain to him that the fox I saw  it seems like never  afraid to people. Because the fox that we saw in our backyard it seems like very nervous when we try to get closer to her/him. However, the fox I saw this morning  its just like a normal dog that never to be afraid to see people. Therefor, my husband thought that  somebody is feeding this fox and I guess my husband is right because she/he is healthy looking fox.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Guitar Effects

I need to repair the volume control on my daughter's electrical guitar. The instrument is in pretty good shape overall, but is now missing a knob where to volume control should be. I saw a rather musian friend, which I think is exactly what I need. I expect that I will order a potentiometer, and then work to ensure that I can get it properly installed. If so, I look forward to getting it installed and utilizing it.

custom floor mats

I will have had my SUV for one year next month. Thus far, I have done nothing to upgrade the vehicle. However, I am thinking about replacing the headlights, the stereo and the floor mats. Recently, I saw that you can get custom floor mats for most popular makes and models. In fact, it was some ford crown victoria custom floor mats that initially gave me the idea of upgrading my floor mats.