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Monday, August 25, 2014

flash back

When I saw this Cerebral Palsy Network my memory flash back in a painful one that I can never forget. I know how this disease affects badly on the mind of people and family who has already experienced this. UN explainable pain and how it will slowly kill all your hopes and dreams for your love one who unfortunately have this disease. This happen to the family of my childhood best friend her brother is one of the disease victim. After her brother was been diagnose their life changes in many ways. I saw how they struggle and fight every challenge but there were times that even how strong you want to be for the sake of your love one sometimes you can’t stop to broke down and give up. They knows they can’t save her brother in many reasons but they tried their very best to fight and give everything they can to make him happy and might possibly lengthen his life. Because of this challenge out of nowhere their family relationship got stronger than ever. They even also learn from this situation to be open on public and ask more information to other people who might have this kind of problem which been a good step and decision they make to be able to gather a possible ways of treatment that can save and lengthen on her brother’s life. They meet a lot of people which later on been their good companion to make a one advocacy to support and educate families who are struggling on their daily life by saving the life of their kid’s. Because of the strong determination of families now we can be able to prevent and protect our kids on UN early death from then even on their hard situation you can still be able to enjoy more times and days by them. Just like this CPFAMILYADVERTISEMENT who is willing to help and give you further information support and how to combat and overcome you’re dying hopes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ocean city 2014

Most of my friends asked me about diet and exercise. However, I told them that first, you should do your goal, Then change your mindset and habit. I can only help 5% to encourage them and 95% is to do their part.
This is me and my girls, unfortunately both of them are not looking at the camera. My little one with her father she is daddy's girl.
I am proud mom of four children's wearing my new swimsuits.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


 I am concerned that Google's foray into law enforcement reflects a relatively clear violation to one's right to avoid unreasonable search and seizure. Thus, for several years now I have worked hard to identify alternate sources of technology. I am not sure of how many e-mail clients are out there that do not scan the contents of your mailbox. However, I recently learned about this website called is a new service offered by our Private Email Services group (PES). They are the first started PES for the sole purpose of giving away free email accounts on the 'new' internet.
A couple of years back a physician approached our consultancy looking for a secure email service because of his concerns about HIPAA.  His concern was forward thinking because many people don't understand the problems with email.
Most people think the problem with email is that the NSA is watching it.  They are wrong, because the NSA is the least of their worries.
Email is inherently does not have any encryption, even if you encrypt with PGP when you send it through the internet it goes through third party SMTP servers (which can at their own time and leisure capture and then decrypt the message) before getting to the intended recipient (and many times the intended recipient doesn't get the message.)
There are different names for email attacks.  The easiest to understand is the 'man in the middle'.  This is where a hacker either takes over an SMTP server with a virus or actually inserts his own SMTP server into the email's path.  He lets the email pass through to the intended recipient AFTER he keeps a copy for himself.  Think about all variety of content he gets --- personal, medical, photos, signatures, bank accounts, off-color humor.  Once that email is divereted into the hacker's control it can not be recalled or deleted or protected. Very insecure.
There are a variety of encryption protocols and schemes out there but our expert opinion is the best method is a message board also called a portal email system.  PES's first consumer product to market is  This is a encrypted, secured electronic message board which erases all mail/messages to a "24 hour+" standard.  We also erase all of the message logs and attachments.  It is all gone at before the 25th hour whether or not the email was received.  Guaranteed...really!  financially guaranteed that it is (1) erased and (2) only the intended recipient received it.  We have a few more 'secret' features that you have to join to learn...if you are considering blogging for us, please send my an email directly so I can set you up with a FREE account so you can try the service.  We think that you are going to like the ease of use, security features, secrecy and support.
We are working on developing brands around the following:, Private Email Services, Auto-Destructing Electronic Message, auto-destructing electronic messaging service, we can keep a secret, and secrecy & security.
Our FAQ page has a ton of information.  You have permission to use any of our copyrighted information on the website in your blog.
The first product offered to the market is  We have other products that will release in 2015 including: mobile applications, military to family communications, business portals and healthcare/HIPAA portals.  We are starting with consumers first because the demand here is the greatest according to our market research focus groups.

My hairstyle of the week.

Well I have nothing to do at this moment so I go ahead and style my own hair and I put some make up on my face.
So what do you think about my hairstyle? I am just practicing on my own hair since my kids doesn't really like me to brush their hair.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


It's about time for us to buy school supply. I know some parents order their school supply from the school. However, my husband prefers to shop online or go to best buy store where he can compare prices and save some money. At this point, since my husband is very busy at work. I decide to browse online this morning and guess what, while I am browsing online I came across to a website where you people can buy a heat shrink tubing printers at buyheatshrink. I know this stuff is only good for people who are planning to build their department store etc. However, if you are interested about the site please don't hesitate to click the high light words on this post. The site offer Nylon cable ties, hot knife cutters and heat guns and other more.

Celebrating my day.

I am very thankful to my husband because even he is very busy at work.
 He come home early  to celebrate my especial day.

Make a wish mama.
Thanks god.