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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy fall season

Well happy fall season everyone hope you're having great summer with your love one's. Fall is my favorite weather here in the United States, because is not so hot and it's not so cold just perfect weather. Speaking of cold weather, remind us that holiday days are fast approaching. It seems the shopping season starts earlier and earlier every day. So if you are going to shop early this time but dont know what to get. You might want to consider looking at best selection of class rings. They offer all kinds of high quality rings that you can give to your love one's.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The opportunity to see the beauty of the world.

Traveling with my family is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together away from hectic schedules that tied up our everyday lives.As a family, we’ve traveled by plane, train, houseboat, ferry, and car. My children have also been exposed to different cultures, eaten varied of foods, learned important travel etiquette like "You can only ask “Are we there yet?” once a day; "Don’t kick the car/plane seat in front of you", and, most importantly, spent time with Mom and Dad. Bringing your children along can mean extra work and extra expenses, but the benefits are undoubtedly worth it. As they grow older, and life at home is filled with school and work obligations, escaping on vacation together is one way to reconnect as a family, it helps create such amazing memories, and then pass down their love of travel.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

classical music

I have a new cousin by marriage who is an accomplished bass guitar player. He is currently a student at Berkeley school of music in Boston, Massachusetts. When I saw a charlotte dj, I could not help but think of him and all of the gigs that he does at bars and clubs. I think it would be cool to see him play an axe guitar like the old 1970s and 1980s rock stars. I know that he certainly loves to look at different guitars and check the different sounds that they produce