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Sunday, December 7, 2014

professional recordings

It is amazing to think about all of technological changes that have occurred during the past twenty years. It was not too long ago that you had to use multi-track tape in a studio to create professional quality audio recordings. Nowadays, you can create professional recordings almost anywhere with devices like the apogee duet. The device is especially useful for enthusiasts who have a home studio or individuals who desire to record special events on-location. The various iPad recording applications help to fully unlock all of the potential of the device.

latest update about typhoon Hagupit or Ruby in the Philippines.

Hope everybody is safe in Biliran Island.
Friends and relatives: here's the latest update were safe down to signal #1 but let's keep praying for the entire people in our country. Have a blessed Sunday/ Monday everyone! **just waiting patiently to personally hear from my family but at least there's no lists of any casualties in our islands Thank you dear Lord for keeping them safe.

Friday, December 5, 2014

memorable parts

Whenever I go to a wedding, I think one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of the ceremony is the couple's first dance. When I got married, our dance was nice but it was not very exciting. I have thought about renewing our vows someday. If we choose to do so, it would be nice to brush up on my dancing skills. Although I would be too embarrassed to take lessons in a large class, I would be very interested in taking wedding dance lessons with the Dance Doctor. It is affordable and the testimonials suggest that amazing results are possible.