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Saturday, August 8, 2015

tuition costs

I wish education is free! It's ridiculous how much tuition costs. Yes, there are grants and student loans but it will only cover 1/3 of the total cost. Maybe the government doesn't want us to get our education or be educated in purpose, that way it's easy for them to control us. 😤 WTF! I'm starting to dislike living in the U.S. Really?!! Almost $100,000 to get your Bachelors degree in nursing (just because it's fast-track and private school, ha!). Might as well go back to the Philippines and pursue Medicine!!! Seriously, maybe I'll go back to PI and get my BSN there and come back to US then take my licensing. But why little things like this upsets me! Sometimes I'm being ungrateful and forget how blessed I am; good health/able-steady job, great family and friends 😕maybe I just need a short getaway to take a break from work and school stuff (mmmm, yes I can imagine laying on a sandy beach, sand on my toes, cool breeze, sipping on peach margarita, underneath the umbrella, sight of a calm blue sea...) ok time for me to go to bed. Had to wake early for work! Goodnite FB! Thanks for being my outlet.. — feeling emotional with

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