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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The opportunity of Music

Our neighborhood elementary school offers band and strings classes.  Thus far, only my oldest daughter has had an opportunity to participate.  Next year, my second oldest will get a chance to learn an instrument.  We got piano lessons for them a couple of years ago.  And nearly five years ago, we purchased our first instrument, which was a guitar.  Although the first guitar was acoustic, I think it might be time to look into an electric guitar like the kay guitars.  I started searching recently, and think it would be a great idea to pick up a nice guitar and get lessons for our kids.  Although the violin and trumpet are nice, I think it is best to learn.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Fall!

Summer is fading fast as our days get longer, the mornings get colder, and the kids disappear back to school. I want to wish you a wonderful fall season and to remind you that your holiday shopping days are fast approaching.  It seems the shopping season starts earlier and earlier every year.  But behind all the products and services lies a special season devoted to family and reflection.  Enjoy this season as our year winds down.

Our summer vacation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Christmas gift ahead planing

My daughters love to play music instrument and as a matter of fact. My husband just bought a new trumpet last week for my oldest daughter. This instrument is really hard for me, I cannot make any sound of it. In addition, this evening while were having dinner my second oldest daughter mention that she want to have a fender banjo for Christmas. I’ve never hold a banjo before but I think is just similar on guitar. But I am looking forward to buy this instrument for my second oldest daughter.