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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Best Cell phone

My husband went to the grocery store this morning and since I forgot something on my list I called him. But there no answer from him so when he came home I asked him if his has his phone and he said no but he thought that he got his phone on his pocket but it was his iPod. Therefore he looks for it. He tried to call it using our house phone it was ringing but we could not hear it. He went our garage to look over if he drops in there but it was not in there. So went back inside and I asked him when the last time he used it and he said this morning when I get up I check the weather on my phone. And then he went upstairs and all of the sudden he was running downstairs as quickly as possible and saying that he put his phone inside the freezer because his phone overheating. He did not meant to live his phone on the freezer for a longtime but he forgot so now he was hoping that his phone is okay. He put his phone on the rice package for an hour and now his phone work fine. It means is not time to buy a new phone lucky day. Happy Sunday everyone.

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